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John Lake Debunks the Myths of Skate Contouring


We at J-TEK Manufacturing firmly believe that knowledge outweighs glitz, glamour and fads.

All sharpening equipment manufactured and sold by J-TEK comes with a training package if the customer desires. All Omega contouring equipment manufactured by J-TEK has a compulsory 2 day training program. All training is at our Fergus Ontario facility.

While our competition offers various blade shaping products that are sold without any detailed instructions, J-TEK insists that "All" purchasers of Omega products are well versed into the theory and practical application as well as made aware of what products the competition is offering.

Our competition likes to offer products where the purchaser has to interpret its use. This is where the "questionable performance" stigma arises from.

Constantly, we hear comments like "I had my skates rockered in 84 and it didn't help me". Sadly, most of these comments are true as the operators had no formal direction as to the issues at hand.

Training Services Offered

John Lake, our president and founder is one of the worlds most recognized and celebrated instructors in the art of skate sharpening, servicing and contouring. Be it, hockey, goal or figure skates, you simply won't find a better training program anywhere.

Skate Sharpening

Skate sharpening isn't all about "making sparks fly", John's approach delves much deeper into the actual variables that affect your finished product.

Featured class segments:

  • Blade width & ROH relationship.
  • Blade and holder design.
  • Wheel dressing (all mfg's offerings).
  • Skate holder (jig) servicing and proper operation.
  • Sharpening mechanics and principals.
  • Sharpening techniques (hockey, goal & figure)
  • Plus much, much more, (Only a partial list is shown above of the course topics as we strive to educate the skate technician, not our competition!)

Classes are broken down between classroom theory and practical "hands on" sessions.

View a snip-it of our 33 minute
Skate Sharpening Made Easy video

Most poor quality sharpenings are the direct result of the operator not knowing and understanding proper usage of the skate holder! Common sense tells us that if the skate is not clamped properly in the holder, technique becomes secondary.

A good "skate technician" takes all the relevant variables into account before commencing the sharpening process. A "Grinder" simply processes the skate across the wheel.

Which are you?

For course pricing and availability, please call 519-265-1997 and ask for John.


Nobody in the history of skates has dedicated as much time and effort in developing a "fact filled", no nonsense training program aimed at the technician who wants to raise himself (herself) above the competition.

This system is backed by over 50 years of development and is "The industry standard" to which all others try to compete with.

What's the difference between an Omega trained contour technician and a grinder?


  • An Omega trained technician charges between $30 and $50 per contour and delivers the customer "improved performance" every time.
  • A grinder charges $15 to $20 and delivers "no real improvement" over the stock grind.

A technicians customer, usually always return for years to come and becomes a strong advocate for the shop, a grinder on the other hand is usually hit and miss with customer support and credibility.

To learn more about this system and who's eligible to participate, as well as course fees please call 519-265-1997 and ask for John.

For more insight into Omega contouring please click here.

See our training aides Store below for the best in high quality visuals. Show your customers that what you talk about has some relevance.

Educational Products Available
SP-001Skeletal Poster
Laminated anatomical poster showing balance points, break points etc.
MP-001Muscle Group Poster
Laminated anatomical poster showing all muscle groups.
LE-001Lower extremity
A precise replica of the human foot and lower leg. Articulating. A "Must have" presentation/training aide.

Skate Sharpening Video DVD format
Over 30 minutes of the most Comprehensive information ever offered!

Topics include:

  • Machine tips and maintenance
  • Technical info on "how things actually work"
  • Basic skate servicing
  • In-depth look at holders and Dresser systems - and of course... a step-by-step sharpening procedure from start to finish.

Everyone can learn something from this video regardless of experience.


(SP, MP & LE items listed below are AMA & CMA approved and are standard fare in all Doctors offices, hospitals etc)

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