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About J-TEK Manufacturing

John LakeWhat, separates J-TEK from the competition is the hands on approach that our founder and president John Lake gives. No suit and tie here as they would only get in the way.

True innovation comes from experiencing things firsthand, listening to customer cares and concerns then taking that input, then and only then, develop the product. We take pride in the fact that we are the only manufacturer that is truly involved in the industry at the hands on level. Sure we do the corporate stuff as well, like attending trade shows, sponsoring local teams etc, but we also do far more.

John is an internationally recognized presenter on the topics of Skate Sharpening, Servicing and Contouring as well as being the leading "Hands On Instructor" in the art of contouring, sharpening and skate repair. Past accolades include presentations at NCCP Division 1 Coaches seminars, regional and international seminars.

John also developed a sharpening program and video for Canada's largest buying group, SDC, better known as Source for Sports where in the past 14 months has trained over 150 dealers coast to coast across Canada. (Skate Sharpening Video p/n VID - 01) Not only is John one of the most proficient presenters, he is also known internationally as one of the best skate and equipment technicians in the world. Testament to this is that John managed the Team Service Room at the 2005 World Hockey Championships in Vienna Austria (1995 as well) were he worked hand in hand with professional equipment managers for all the countries entered.

John managed the Team Service Room at the 2005 World Hockey Championships in Vienna AustriaJohn has also received offers from several NHL, AHL teams for the head equipment manager's position, which were declined because of his commitment to the industry in general.

To understand skating, both the mechanics and the products delivered to the end users by the skate manufacturers you have to be involved at ice level. This, John has done for numerous years by working as an equipment manager for Wilfrid Laurier University (4 yrs Mens & Wms) and the University of Guelph (2 yrs, Mens & Wms) as well as maintaining a skate service business for amateurs and pros alike.

We do a lot of contouring work for everyone, from Pro Hockey players to kids and everyone in between. Customer skates are shipped to John from anywhere in North America frequently during the season, by Parents, Coaches and Equipment Managers of all levels for contouring.

Circle of Knowledge ProgramJohn takes this "hands on" approach when designing his product line as well as he truly understands what the guys in the trenches are faced with on a daily level. This commitment was the driving force behind John's introduction of the CIRCLE OF KNOWLEDGE program.

Implemented in the spring of 2008, this program is designed to complete the cycle of knowledge from the inception of a product (R & D), through Knowledge Proficiency (Classroom Theory), through Skills Proficiency (hands on classroom), Clinical Proficiency (ongoing, in house ) and finally Sharing knowledge gained with others to make the entire industry stronger.

John is quoted in saying...
"We are very proud of this new program, and recognizing the value and importance of our clients and associates input, can only elevate us past the manufacturers who only sell products".